Mold Is Essential In Cured Products

Mold is essential to the aging process of our products. All our products are cured using artesanal methods. For this reason, they remain covered in mold during this phase. This, also happens with aged hard cheeses, is an indicative of slow, natural curing.

There are three types of mold that can occur on cured products: white, green, and black mold. White mold appears when the humidity is appropriate (between 75% -80%) and is the most desired in the curing process. Despite being “good”, this mold is removed before packaging the product. After packaging, if the bag loses its vacuum, it comes out again and could later turn green. This mold can also appear when the product is stored in humid places (more than 80%) or high temperatures (more than 14C/58F). The black mold is less common, but it tends to be linked to the green.

You can clean these molds with a damp cloth before consuming the product. This type of mold does not affect the aroma, color, or taste of the piece, as they are all superficial. This applies only to products that have been cured for a long time, such as our ham, shoulder, loin, salchichón and chorizo, unlike what happens with fresh or smoked products, fruits or soft cheeses.

Store all our cured products in a cool, dry place out of the reach of light.